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adventures of lolo
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Adventures of Lolo is one of the best puzzle video games, and it is published by HAL Laboratory. Anyone can run it on Nintendo Entertainment System and Gameboy. There are lots of puzzles and tasks to achieve big success. The main character Lolo completes several tasks, and we can easily interact with him. Each puzzle is difficult, so we can go with some helpful tools to go forward in the gameplay. Is anyone interested in it? If yes, then he can install an emulator also.
Upgrade your playing skills in regular time because of high competition. A large number of players are connected to it, and everyone is here to smash a big reward. Success is a gradual process, and we should face some challenging conditions for tough play. The internet has many options for help like gaming articles, videos, tutorials, blogs, and more. Any week or new player can follow some points to win in the game.
Complete rescue mission
You are playing the role of Lolo creature and complete a rescue operation, Princess Lala. She has been kidnapped by an evil king, and the hero needs to travel to reach a big Castile. It contains around 50 rooms on ten floors. The Lolo needs to check each room, and the difficulty level is increased.
Gain powers
Without power, no actions and puzzles are possible. The castle is full of many magical powers. The players have to be serious about their task and finish it on time. Collect the best amount of gems for upgrading things.
Do not avoid hearts
In every room, you must collect some hearts, and by them, you can open some locked rooms easily. The Lolo also meet with many kinds of enemies in rooms.