batman beyond - return of the joker

Batman Beyond - Return Of The Joker ROM

batman beyond - return of the joker
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Batman is a hero, and he always hates Joker, and if you have watched comics or watched movies, then you must know the whole story behind it. Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker is a video game, and it is released by Nintendo and Game Boy. Batman is already a popular superhero, and Joker a villain that always makes things worse for Batman. In the game, the main motive of Batman is to stop the Joker because that will destroy the city.
Total game is based on the same storyline as the movie, and it makes things more interesting and amazing. There are several keys, levels, items are available in the game, and now it depends on the player that what they will choose and find what is required. There are several enemies that are also available in the game, and players have to pass them all.
Ultimate Guide to Gameplay
In the game, players have to focus on every small and big thing because, from every small thing, big doors and levels unlock. Controls are also important because, in the game, players have to perform several types of activities like the fight, jump, and many more.
The costume of Batman in Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker, is also the same, and it is perfectly designed too.
Graphics also increase the experience of playing the game; in fact, every enemy looks dangerous because they designed in that particular way. In order to progress, the game players have killed the enemy.
Every enemy has something hidden, and it can only be obtained if the player defeats or kill them. It’s a great game, and every level has something unique that will make players addicted to Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker game.