boktai - the sun is in your hand

Boktai - The Sun Is In Your Hand ROM

boktai - the sun is in your hand
GBA Emulator
7.8MB / ISO
Boktai - The Sun Is in Your Hand is an action video game. It is released by Konami for the Game Boy advance platform. The gameplay is based on Role-playing, and you are playing the role of Django, who is a vampire hunter. The hero uses a solar gun, and it is called "gun Del sol". He can attack with bullets on enemies and gain success. Are you interested in joining this game? If yes, then you need to download an Emulator.
Everyone wants to play perfectly, and for that, you can go with the right guidelines. The internet has many options, like blogs, videos, and articles. Proper knowledge about the gameplay is helpful for every active player. This article has lots of points that are enough to understand the gameplay, so read about it.
Solar weapons to attack
The solar weapon is a big thing for every user, and you should check out all things before using it. You are using it, and the power is collected by sunlight, and such weapons are good to encounter many enemies.
Hunting is part of the game, and we need to understand all situations while tracking on different places. Save humanity is the main objective of the game. The player can fight and defeat with lots of creatures to improve your game.
Stunning battles
Battles are necessary to increase your score in the game. The battle includes a huge adventure and action. Focus on your stunning skills and learn special attacks in ongoing battles. We will get a large amount of currency with wonderful plays. The player can upgrade their skills and power by spending some currency. Get the latest version for more new features to play.