Castlevania ROM

NES Emulator
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Castlevania is a fantastic action-adventure gothic horror video game which is completely based on Vampire Hunters. The game is created and developed by Konami in a classic way. In simple words, the player takes the role of Simon Belmont, a descendant of the Belmont Clan, a family of vampire hunters.
What’s more? Players have only motive in the game is to defeat the opponents as much as possible by making better strategies. By doing so, gamers will be awarded with some premium resources and unique bonus as a reward.
Basics of Castlevania Game!
• Castlevania is a typical platform game in which gamers takes the role of Simon Belmont and prepares them by proving unique equipments in order to perform in various challenges and objectives.
• The game offers a lot of levels to the players in which they can take part by choosing the high-damage weapons and some premium items. Every time you level up of your characters then you can grab awesome rewards.
• Belmont’s primary weapon is a whip called also known as Vampire Killer, while the secondary ones are powered by hearts, collected by destroying candles and killing the monsters. Players can also find hidden items such as power-ups and food for health replenishment by attacking the walls in the levels.
• More importantly, these receiving power-ups that helps you to challenging level up or even with fewer moves throughout the period. Make sure to use it at the right place or right time otherwise you may not be able to make further progress in Castlevania Game.
Conclusive Details!
As soon as you learn the basics of Castlevania which are given-above then no one can prevent you from becoming a proficient player throughout the course.