ecw hardcore revolution

ECW Hardcore Revolution ROM

ecw hardcore revolution
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N64 Emulator
28.9MB / ISO
ECW Hardcore Revolution is a professional wrestling video game which is totally filled with action-moves and different types of matches where players can compete with each other by using their own attacking moves like punches, kicks and etc.
Apart from this, every wrestler has mainly focus on win the championships as many as possible by defeating the target enemies with punches and kicks through the course of the ECW Hardcore Revolution Game.
Pure Basics of ECW Hardcore Revolution Game!
• The ECW Hardcore Revolution consists of a long-list of wrestlers and each has their unique fighting style and different attacking moves that player’s can choose from for competing with other mates. It would be better for every player to choose the wrester that has great strategy or attacking power so that he can know the opponent’s next moves and instantly attack them.
• Moving further, there are huge varieties of matches present that player’s can choose from the main-menu and perform against a lot of opponents from all over the world. Every wrestler must follow the match rules so that he will be able to compete with other mates throughout the period.
• One thing also more important, every time the player’s wrestler wins the achievements then he will award with belts and many more premium items that gives opportunity to compete with boss opponents through the course of the ECW Hardcore Revolution Game.
Conclusive Detail!
Players must learn the basic points as mentioned-above so that they will be able to win every wrestling match within given time-period or even with fewer chances of getting injured over the course of the ECW Hardcore Revolution Game.