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Gradius Galaxies ROM

gradius galaxies
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Gradius Galaxies is considered into the gaming genre of horizontal scrolling shoot ‘em up video games. It is created by Mobile21 and published by the most popular platform Konami. The same game is available for a single platform called Game Boy Advance and it features only a single player mode.
It means that gamers can only play it as a story mode where they have to accomplish various levels, objectives and missions to make progress. Gamers have to control the spacecraft and defeat the enemies to go ahead in Gradius Galaxies.
Inside Gradius Galaxies
As mentioned above that in the beginning, players have to control spacecraft and defeat the enemies. There are carious Gradius staples present called Moais and the final and upgraded boss called Power Meter. The only aim of the gamers is to complete more and more stages in Gradius Galaxies and then make progress. There is a weapon system present by which gamers have to defeat the enemies. Also, they get the weapon edit mode by which they can simply customize their weapon system and use it for defeating the enemies to move ahead.
Other considerations
The game contains almost 4 weapons configurations. The first one is balanced, wide area, power and Air-to-Ground. Also, there are two shield options present. The first one is Shield and another is Force Field. There is a play mode present called challenge which gamers need to accomplish as to gain more points and then go far in Gradius Galaxies.
The challenge in the game is unlocked by accomplishing the stages. The same mode includes 7 stages that are difficult from which they can test the player’s skills. So, one must focus on playing controls and learning the gameplay before start playing it to go ahead easily.