king of fighters ex2, the - howling blood

King Of Fighters EX2, The - Howling Blood ROM

king of fighters ex2, the - howling blood
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If you like to play fighting games then you must like to experience the real features of King Of Fighters EX2, The - Howling Blood. Basically, this amazing game is all about fighting, which is smartly developed by the Playmore, Sun-tech, and Matrix Software for Game Boy Advance platform. If we talk about the gameplay then you are going to follow the storyline of the game so there are not three sacred treasure, but there would be ten different that you will find in the game. Let me tell you something more about the characters and other features of the game.
List of characters
In the King Of Fighters EX2, The - Howling Blood game, you will find various kinds of playable characters so simply check them out here –
Hero team
• Kyo Kusanagi
• Reiji Oogami
• Moe Habana and many more
Fatal Fury Team
• Terry Bogard
• Andy Bogard
• Mai Shiranui
Art Of Fighting team
• Ryo Sakazaki
• Yuri Sakazaki
• Takuma Sakazaki
Ikari Warrior Team
• Ralf Jones
• Clark Still
• Leona Heidem
Furthermore, we have covered all the wonderful names of the characters so you can easily use them for fighting against other players wisely so get ready for the action in the game.
There is also a boss in the game called Sinobu Amou, which is really powerful so it is born in the Japan and comes with Blood type A. Instead of this, you can learn some smart tricks to defeat the other players of the game in the game. Even by following the storyline you can become a dedicated player. You can easily use the powers of the characters so will help you to knock out the enemy quickly.