lady sia (mode7)

Lady Sia (Mode7) ROM

lady sia (mode7)
GBA Emulator
2.6MB / ISO
Lady Sia (Mode7) is a platform action-adventure video game which is developed and published by RFX Interactive and TDK Mediactive, respectively. The game is totally based on the player’s main avatar competing style and her ways to make best use of special moves as well.
The primary goal of player’s main avatar in the Lady Sia (Mode7) Game is to levels up as many as possible by destroying entire obstacles and defeats the target enemies which gets in the way throughout the period.
Learn The Pure Basics!
• Lady Sia (Mode7) is a traditional platformer with action-adventure elements. In the game, the player assumes the role of the main avatar that has great skills and abilities that can represent on the main-screen. Make sure to guide your main avatar in a way so that it becomes easier to deal with set number of opponents throughout the period.
• The Lady Sia (Mode7) Game contains a lot of levels where the player’s main avatar can perform and deal with various opponents by using super-techniques and special moves as well. Every time the player’s main avatar pass the level by beating the target opponents then it becomes easier to go ahead throughout the period.
• The player’s should keep focus their main avatar health bars every time so that it becomes easier to survive in the end of the boss level by dealing with opponent’s attacks throughout the period.
The Final Words!
Players should learn the basics of Lady Sia (Mode7) Game as mentioned-above because it help them to simply pass entire levels in an appropriate manner. Lastly, make sure to follow entire rules while playing time, if the players want to compete with opponents in an appropriate manner.