lunar - dragon song

Lunar - Dragon Song ROM

lunar - dragon song
NDS Emulator
13.3MB / ISO
0114 - Lunar - Dragon Song is a role-playing video game which has turn-based combat system that every player loves to play it in their leisure time. Initially, every beginner should learn the basics regarding playable characters, which moves are best to deal with opponents and many more through gameplay.
On the other side, the objective of every player is to conquer the battle as much as possible by defeating the enemies who gets in the way. Make sure to win the achievements within given time period otherwise it may completely time-wasting process.
Basics to Know!
There are collections of characters present in 0114 - Lunar - Dragon Song game and each has their own strength and weakness that every player should know before choose from. Make sure choose the strategic as well as energetic hero so that they can easily compete with boss enemies throughout the period.
The 0114 - Lunar - Dragon Song game allows the players to take part in different battles and compete with waves of enemies within given time limit. Players have prominent aim is to win more and more battle by beating all the enemies which prevent them to reach to get instant progress.
The 0114 - Lunar - Dragon Song Game also contains huge varieties of missions in which every player can take part and perform against other team members by using super techniques. The great perform player’s heroes, the better result get or even with less chances of getting injured.
Bottom Line!
So, these are the simple basics of 0114 - Lunar - Dragon Song game as mentioned-earlier that helps the players to simply go ahead or even within short time period.