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People from all around the world need to know that Mickey Mania is the most wanted and played platform video game. It is developed by Traveller’s Tales and published shortly by Sony Imagesoft. It forms under the platformer video game and contains plenty of classic features. There is a classic gameplay present in Mickey Mania which gamers need to understand and then go ahead for playing. There are numerous side-scrolling levels which gamers need to complete as to go ahead. It was released in 1996 and for the PlayStation.
Learn the Gameplay
Everyone needs to know that the gameplay is very exciting. In Mickey Mania, gamers are provided with all Mickey Mouse characters by which they have to focus on and then choose the best one accordingly. Players have to complete number of levels and in them there are plenty of missions, objectives or challenges to go ahead. The more and more missions or enemies they kill the easier they go ahead for getting positive results. In the same way, they can get good amount of in-game currency and many other rewards. The main character in the game is Mickey Mouse.
More about Mickey Mania
Every level in the game contains lots of puzzles and challenges. Players should solve that puzzle in order to make progress and enjoy the entire gaming process. Players have to defeat all the enemies in every level and collect the rewards or points. There are numerous cartoons present which players have to know properly and then choose the right one to play the entire game. Their only aim is t o complete number of objectives or missions to make progress. The more and more levels they accomplish the good amount of in-game currencies, rewards and prizes they get.