mickey & minnie - the great circus mystery

Mickey & Minnie - The Great Circus Mystery ROM

mickey & minnie - the great circus mystery
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The great circus mystery starring Mickey and Minnie is a platform game, and it is developed by Capcom. The game is running on multiple platforms like SNES, Genesis, and Game boy advance. The storyline is inspired by the original series of Disney. Start with an important star Mickey Mouse. You need to defeat Pete, a cartoon character of the game. Users can download emulators to enjoy it, and some gaming services are giving the facility of free emulators.
Are you going to play in it? If yes, then you must check out a correct guide about it. Everyone wants to become a winner in the gameplay, but it is not as easy as we think. Prefer various helpful points to know the right uses of controls and settings. Save your time with a significant tutorial that is available in this article.
Change the characters' look
It includes a number of characters, and you can also change or customize them. Different types of outfits and abilities are present, and the player can choose anyone for his favorite character. By that, you will get a new look of your hero and play many tasks.
Kill more enemies
The score of the game can be increased by your performance. Limitless enemies are trying to attack you, so you need to kill them. A high number of kills are helpful in enhancing your score. You can jump and throw blocks to defeat them.
Concern about health meter
Each player wants to expand his health meter, and it is only possible with some kinds of hearts. We have to collect a large amount of hearts to maintain our meter. An individual can spend some coins to buy new items. The coins are also collectible in the gameplay.