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mortal kombat 4
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Mortal Kombat 4 is the best production from Midway Games and it is the 4 the installment in the series of Mortal Kombat. The game contains plenty of classic features and an impressive gameplay which make it more interesting than others. Mortal Kombat 4 is present for all major gaming platforms such as PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Arcade and many others too. It consist two playing modes that are single-player and multiplayer mode. In the first mode, players need to play the game like a story mode and in multiplayer mode they can play it with their friends accordingly and anytime.
4 main features to know
Now, here comes the time when you are going to meet with the best features of Mortal Kombat 4. Players should know them before playing and then go for playing to get positive results.
• Mortal Kombat 4 offers its users with full HD 3d graphics that provide a realistic fighting experience.
• It supports two playing modes that are single-player and multiplayer mode.
• The plethora of classic and impressive fighters or characters present in the particular game.
• Also, all the fighters are having their different powers, skills, abilities and weapons to compete with other fighters.
Like the same, there are plenty of classic features present those gamers need to keep in mind and then go ahead for enjoying Mortal Kombat 4.
The gameplay is very simply. Players are provided with buttons on the screen which they know how to use for fighting when engaged into battle with any other fighter. All fighters are their different powers, attacking combos and weapons which gamers should know how to use and then select the best fighter to play. It contains lots of classic playable characters and boss fighters too.