new super mario bros. (supremacy)

New Super Mario Bros. (Supremacy) ROM

new super mario bros. (supremacy)
NDS Emulator
11.7MB / ISO
New Super Mario Bros is a video game that works on 2D graphics and with side waking. Mario is a popular game, and it is released in several kinds of gaming platforms. In the game New Super Mario Bros there are two types of character and the second character is Luigi and it’s the brother of Mario. The controls of New Super Mario Bros are quite easy, and players have to do jumps, running, shooting and walking these is the main thing in the controls. There are lots of levels available in the game and to complete the game, players have to complete all these levels.
Guide To Progress the New Super Mario Bros
The main objective in the game is that players have to deal with the enemies, shooting a missile and many more blocks.
• Coins are the main currency in New Super Mario Bros, and you also have to earn that in huge amount to get an extra life. It’s a beautiful game, and every age of player can play it, and there is no restriction too.
• In the New Super Mario Bros, 8 different levels are available, and every level has different class and location that makes it an adventure game as well. In the gaming industry, Super Mario has earned huge fame and popularity.
• Lots of players start their gaming life from Mario because it is the best way to learn the concept of playing and doing tasks.
New Super Mario Bros. is a great game with great features, and there are some players in the game who also try the New Super Mario Bros. supremacy version to make Mario stronger. In this New Super, Mario Bros. supremacy version of game player gets the unlimited lives and shooting power to defeat the enemies as well.