ninja gaiden - dragon sword

Ninja Gaiden - Dragon Sword ROM

ninja gaiden - dragon sword
NDS Emulator
93.6MB / ISO
2387 - Ninja Gaiden - Dragon Sword is an amazing action-adventure video game which is developed and published by Team Ninja and Tecmo Ubisoft, respectively. This game has similar gameplay format as The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass with little bit changes that every action lover likes to play it in their leisure time.
Looking in detail, the objective of player’s hero in the 2387 - Ninja Gaiden - Dragon Sword Game is to defeat the opponents as many as possible by reducing their health meter from a high to low throughout the period.
• In the 2387 - Ninja Gaiden - Dragon Sword Game, the player controls the main character (Ryu) that has great powers and capabilities like jumping techniques, attacking power, special set of moves and many more which makes every aspect interesting.
• In addition, the player’s hero will be able to perform in the battle and deal with certain opponents by using his own powers and make use of classic weapons. The prominent goal of player’s hero in the game is to conquer more and more battles by defeating the entire opponents within given time-period.
• One thing also more important, the player’s should keep it up their hero health meter and try to avoid opponent’s dangerous attacks and kicks so that he can survive in the end of the battle through the course of the 2387 - Ninja Gaiden - Dragon Sword Game.
The Final Words!
Players must understand the whole concept of 2387 - Ninja Gaiden - Dragon Sword Game as mentioned-above so that they will be able to simply win every battle by blocking opponents attacks throughout the period.