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no more heroes
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Well, related to the action-adventure gaming genre, No More Heroes is the best video game launched by Grasshopper Manufacture. It relates to the series of No More Heroes and contains only a single-player mode. Gamers have to play the game as a story mode and complete various levels one by one.
In the starting of the gamer, players need to control the main character named Travis Touchdown. The same character has to move on his foot or onto his modified scooter. Also, there are numerous classic features present that make No More Heroes a classic video game.
Go through the gameplay
The gameplay is very simple and straight forward. In No More Heroes, players have to kill the top-ten assassins as to make the storyline progress. There are many part-time job side quests present by which gamers can earn money. Players should know that they have to choose the best weapons for killing the assassins, wear different clothes, making use of the training sessions to proactive a lot. They must win or complete the fight ass to earn money and make further progress. There is a secondary mode also present for Travis called Dark Side in which it get powerful mode.
There are 10 main assassins present with Travis in No More Heroes. There are plenty of playable and non-playable characters present. Later in the game, Ryu handles the gym and give training to the Travis where he allowing him to enhance the power, teach him different fighting moves and combos, etc.
Apart from all such there are plenty of unranked members also present such as Deathmental, Shinobu, Holly Summers and many others too. So, gamers should know everything about characters and then go ahead for playing No More Heroes for getting better results.