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onimusha tactics
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Capcom again comes with the most popular tactical RPG named Onimusha Tactics. It relates to the series of Onimusha and available for only a single gaming platform named Game Boy Advance. It features a single player mode in which gamers need to complete various levels, objectives, missions and challenges, etc. The main of the gamers is to complete all levels one by one for making progress or to enjoy playing Onimusha Tactics up to the great extent. In the particular video game, there are various samurais present with their different skills and abilities.
Go through the gameplay
The entire game is set by ¾ camera view with the full gridded battlefield. The major role of the players is to defeat the next team or the opposing team. They have to choose their character and then improve it by gaining the experience points those are gained into the battle. When players defeat their opponent or the opposing team then they are provided with experience points with many other rewards. With the help of these points they can simply enhance their strength, attack power, defend, and turn order or many other things.
What about characters?
When it comes to the characters then there are so many present in Onimusha Tactics. So, gamers simply have to understand them by knowing them and then move ahead for playing it in an appropriate manner to get positive results. The main samurai in the game is Onimaru who has plenty of character options to choose from. Every character has their different skills, abilities and attacking power, so one has to choose the best one which they feel good to play the entire game. In the same way, they have to defeat enemies and make quick progress in Onimusha Tactics.