Gameboy Advance (GBA) Roms

Name Console Rating Total Downloads
Naruto - Ninja Council Gameboy Advance 4.6/5.0 311543
Pokemon Feuerrote Gameboy Advance 4.5/5.0 306961
Pokemon - Volume 1 Gameboy Advance 4.1/5.0 297946
Castlevania - Aria Of Sorrow Gameboy Advance 4.6/5.0 294958
Mario Party Advance Gameboy Advance 3.9/5.0 278547
Fire Emblem Gameboy Advance 4.9/5.0 278489
Fire Emblem Gameboy Advance 4.0/5.0 277064
Pokemon Rosso Fuoco Gameboy Advance 4.2/5.0 275107
Pokemon Verde Hoja (S) Gameboy Advance 3.9/5.0 267638
Dragonball Z - Taiketsu Gameboy Advance 3.2/5.0 264509
Medabots - Metabee Version Gameboy Advance 4.7/5.0 257979
Wario Land 4 Gameboy Advance 4.6/5.0 251405
Crash Nitro Kart Gameboy Advance 4.3/5.0 231945
Metroid - Zero Mission Gameboy Advance 4.7/5.0 225046
Final Fantasy 1 + 2 - Dawn Of Souls Gameboy Advance 4.3/5.0 220415
Pokemon Rouge Feu Gameboy Advance 4.0/5.0 215610
Kingdom Hearts - Chain Of Memories Gameboy Advance 4.8/5.0 215193
Pokemon - Versione Smeraldo (Pokemon Rapers) Gameboy Advance 3.8/5.0 214983
Fire Emblem - Sealed Sword (Translated) Gameboy Advance 4.8/5.0 213265
Mortal Kombat - Deadly Alliance Gameboy Advance 3.6/5.0 212777
Dragonball Advanced Adventure Gameboy Advance 3.9/5.0 206480
Ultimate Spider-Man Gameboy Advance 4.3/5.0 205983
Sonic Advance Gameboy Advance 4.2/5.0 205545
Metroid Fusion Gameboy Advance 4.9/5.0 202866
Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Sacred Cards Gameboy Advance 4.6/5.0 197820
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In today's generation, there have already been a lot of created modernized gadgets with the help of technology. Usually, these gadgets are discovered to cater to one's boredom by developing various means of entertainment. One of the most widely used forms of entertainment is the online games that you play with.

The year 2019 has indeed managed to improve these gadgets as today, you would already download games freely on your mobile phones. But don't you know that these games such as those role-playing and classic ones were first discovered decades ago? Yes. Even before, there have already been created video games but built on a less convenient gadget since usually it comes in a system form of a game console.

One of the game consoles which surely has been a success is the Game Boy Advance. This Game Boy Advance, which is abbreviated as GBA, was initially released on March 21, 2001 in Japan. It is a 32-bit Nintendo portable system, which is then a part of the sixth generation of video games. Actually, this GBA was a successor of the other game console created in 2004, which is the Nintendo DS line.

To give you some history of the system, it was actually one of the initially created Nintendo systems in Japan, which was rated by the CERO or Computer Entertainment Rating Organization. To mind you as well, its rating system had been made possible to use forever.

Moreover, GBA also reflects that of a technology that is designed to be a part of a larger scene - could portray both a static and an animated graphic. Its hardware was also anchored to what the Super NES has. GBA also supports games of either 8-bit and 16-bit systems. Mostly it has the commonly played role-playing video games and classic games.