Gameboy Color (GBC) Roms

Name Console Rating Total Downloads
All Star Tennis 2000 Gameboy Color 4.7/5.0 7677
Zelda No Densetsu - Fushigi No Kinomi - Daichi No Shou Gameboy Color 4.3/5.0 7601
Crystalis Gameboy Color 4.3/5.0 7598
Power Rangers - Lightspeed Rescue Gameboy Color 4.7/5.0 7566
Asterix - Search For Dogmatix Gameboy Color 4.4/5.0 7436
Space Invaders Gameboy Color 4.6/5.0 7406
Heroes Of Might And Magic II Gameboy Color 4.5/5.0 7364
102 Dalmatiens A La Rescousse Gameboy Color 5.0/5.0 7237
Power Rangers - Time Force Gameboy Color 4.5/5.0 7115
Bugs Bunny - Crazy Castle 3 Gameboy Color 4.1/5.0 7107
Dragon Quest Monsters - Terry No Wonderland (V1.0) Gameboy Color 4.3/5.0 7036
Frogger Gameboy Color 4.3/5.0 7025
Harvest Moon 2 GBC Gameboy Color 4.4/5.0 7009
Perfect Dark Gameboy Color 3.4/5.0 7001
Rampage - World Tour Gameboy Color 4.6/5.0 6991
Army Men - Air Combat Gameboy Color 4.3/5.0 6980
Driver - You Are The Wheelman Gameboy Color 4.3/5.0 6967
Lufia - The Legend Returns Gameboy Color 4.6/5.0 6961
Donald Duck - Quack Attack Gameboy Color 4.5/5.0 6910
Magi Nation Gameboy Color 4.3/5.0 6892
Star Wars Episode I - Obi-Wan's Adventures Gameboy Color 4.7/5.0 6834
Harvest Moon GB Gameboy Color 4.5/5.0 6828
X-Men - Wolverine's Rage Gameboy Color 4.3/5.0 6815
Dragon Ball Z - Densetsu No Chou Senshitachi Gameboy Color 3.7/5.0 6591
Doraemon Kart 2 Gameboy Color 3.9/5.0 6583
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You would come to the point wherein you tend to search for something which would bring color to your life. You would want to have something which would add up to the vibrant of your existence. You would not know this, but actually, there is this perfect game console for you, which is the Game Boy Color. As the name of it suggests, it would really contribute to adding one color to your being.

For you to be able to be given a brief background with regards to the Game Boy Color. This is actually abbreviated as GBC, which is a handheld game console that Nintendo has manufactured. It was released in the year 1998, on the 21st of October in Japan. It then had its latter release date in the month of November of the same year, among various markets internationally. If you have been aware of the existence of the Game Boy, this GBC is actually just one of its successors.

The GBC also has its attributes that focus on its screen color. This is also way thicker and taller when it is compared with the Game Boy Pocket. One quick trivia for you about the game console is that this is a direct forerunner in the Game Boy line. When it comes to its processor, it has a custom 8-bit processor, which was created by Sharp.

Moreover, the Game Boy Color is game consoles’ fifth generation. Thus, its major competitors are those game consoles located in Japan, which are of higher processors like that of 16-bit ones. Two of the common game consoles which are said to be as their main competitors are the Neo Geo Pocket and the Wonder Swan. However, because of the GBC’s high quality, it has still outperformed the two.