Nintendo DS (NDS) Roms

Name Console Rating Total Downloads
Kirby - Mass Attack Nintendo DS 4.5/5.0 80442
Chrono Trigger Nintendo DS 3.7/5.0 80285
Super Mario 64 DS (v01) Nintendo DS 4.0/5.0 80229
Pokemon Diamant-Edition (sUppLeX) Nintendo DS 3.7/5.0 78930
Pokemon Dash Nintendo DS 3.6/5.0 77872
Inazuma Eleven 3 - Sekai Heno Chousen! The Ogre Nintendo DS 3.9/5.0 77318
Pokemon - Soul Silver (JP) Nintendo DS 4.3/5.0 76728
Legend Of Zelda - Phantom Hourglass, The Nintendo DS 4.0/5.0 76713
Pokemon Versione Diamante Nintendo DS 3.6/5.0 76157
Beyblade - Metal Masters Nintendo DS 4.0/5.0 75413
Ben 10 - Omniverse (ABSTRAKT) Nintendo DS 4.1/5.0 75044
Yoshi's Island DS (EvlChiken) Nintendo DS 3.6/5.0 74598
Inazuma Eleven 3 - Sekai E No Chousen!! Bomber Nintendo DS 4.1/5.0 74491
Pokemon Pearl Version (v1.13) Nintendo DS 4.6/5.0 74278
Metal Slug 7 Nintendo DS 3.6/5.0 73817
Kingdom Hearts - Re-Coded Nintendo DS 3.9/5.0 73639
Ultimate Spider-Man Nintendo DS 4.0/5.0 73262
Pokemon Versione Perla Nintendo DS 3.8/5.0 72326
Beyblade - Metal Fusion Nintendo DS 3.9/5.0 72302
Castlevania - Dawn Of Sorrow Nintendo DS 3.8/5.0 72090
Mario & Luigi - Partners In Time Nintendo DS 3.6/5.0 70411
Sims 2, The Nintendo DS 3.7/5.0 69579
FIFA 11 Nintendo DS 4.0/5.0 69465
Super Princess Peach Nintendo DS 4.1/5.0 68911
Pokemon - Version Noire Nintendo DS 3.8/5.0 68452
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There are times wherein you would feel so suffocated in life that even death is what you would think the only solution to your problems. Sometimes you would just be that lonely for being alone in life that you do not have someone to cling in to. Being alone without anything to get busy with surely makes anyone gets bored and sad at the same time, which might trigger one to his or her negative thoughts. That is why there have been a lot of created games for everyone to get entertained with.

Nowadays, games could be played via a lot of means. Some of these are through a personal computer or desktop, tablets, and mobile phones. But even before, games could also be played using portable devices, and one of the most used portable systems before is the Nintendo DS.

This Nintendo DS is a handheld game console that is used by both professional and non-professional gamers. Its name came from: first, from its releasing company, which is Nintendo. Second, from one of its features, which is dual screen. Combining these two would give you Nintendo DS. Likewise, the DS from its name could actually come, too, from the phrase Developer's System. Nintendo DS has two LCD screens, which work as a tandem. Its bottom screen is actually a touch screen for everyone's convenience. It has also a built-in microphone, its own speaker, and, most importantly has its support for wireless connectivity. Yes, you have read it right! It supports wireless connections. Thus, you could actually make use of a WiFi to interact with other DS consoles. Its dual-screen is also anchored to what a Game Boy Advance SP has on its clamshell-style. Moreover, as one of the seventh generation, type of video game consoles, its major competitor was Sony's PlayStation Portable of the same generation.