Nintendo Wii (WII) Roms

Name Console Rating Total Downloads
Bleach- Shattered Blade Nintendo Wii 3.9/5.0 7041
How To Train Your Dragon 2 Nintendo Wii 4.0/5.0 7036
Fortune Street Nintendo Wii 4.1/5.0 6944
Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Nintendo Wii 3.8/5.0 6875
LEGO Batman- The Videogame Nintendo Wii 3.8/5.0 6738
Bayblade - Metal Fusion - Battle Fortress Nintendo Wii 3.8/5.0 6717
New Carnival Games Nintendo Wii 4.5/5.0 6598
Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit.7z Nintendo Wii 3.8/5.0 6596
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 Nintendo Wii 4.1/5.0 6574
Disney Epic Mickey 2 - The Power Of Two Nintendo Wii 3.7/5.0 6565
Green Lantern - Rise Of The Manhunters Nintendo Wii 3.8/5.0 6497
The Sims 2 - Pets Nintendo Wii 4.1/5.0 6494
Dinosaur Hunter Nintendo Wii 3.9/5.0 6478
NBA 2K13 Nintendo Wii 3.7/5.0 6335
Marvel - Ultimate Alliance 2 Nintendo Wii 3.9/5.0 6282
Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games Nintendo Wii 3.9/5.0 6188
Wii Music Nintendo Wii 3.8/5.0 6123
Go Vacation Nintendo Wii 4.1/5.0 6122
No More Heroes 2- Desperate Struggle Nintendo Wii 3.8/5.0 6117
Need For Speed - Nitro Nintendo Wii 3.8/5.0 6032
Resident Evil Archives - Resident Evil Zero Nintendo Wii 4.2/5.0 5859
LEGO Star Wars The Clone Wars Nintendo Wii 3.9/5.0 5857
Pikmin 2 Nintendo Wii 4.0/5.0 5802
Scarface - The World Is Yours Nintendo Wii 4.1/5.0 5798
Michael Jackson - The Experience Nintendo Wii 3.7/5.0 5742
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Wii ROMs

In this day and age, there have already been a lot of created updated gadgets. These modernized gadgets were made possible through the help of today’s modern technology of course. Frequently, these gadgets are discovered to provide people the entertainment they need for them not to get that bored and sick of their lives. In today’s generation, usually what is most common and widely used as a form of entertainment are the video games you tend to play with online or through the use of any portable device.

As you could observe in this year, there have already been a lot of enhancements and alterations especially when it comes to the gadgets one could use. Today, you would be able to freely download your desired games on your smart phones unlike before; you would only be able to play what it installed on the portable devices or systems. However, it would still be of great help that even before, there are already created systems like those since it became more convenient for the people in the previous years.

What are very much prominent before are the game consoles. One of the top selling game consoles before is the Nintendo Wii. It could also be called as simply Wii. Obviously, this is a home video game console manufactured and released by Nintendo. Its release date was in the year 2006, on the 19th of November. Since the game console was of the seventh generation, two of its major competitors were the Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the Sony’s Play Station 3. It is said that the Nintendo Wii outsold those two main competitors as it had covered a wider demographic, which in result, accumulated sales of up to over 101 million units. As a matter of fact, in the United Stated of the year 2009 in December, it had broken the sales record solely in a month which indeed proves that it had been like a blockbuster when associated to a film or a movie.