Playstation (PSX) Roms

Name Console Rating Total Downloads
2Xtreme [SCUS-94508] Playstation 4.6/5.0 18942
Megaman Legends [SLUS-00603] Playstation 3.9/5.0 18915
Colin McRae Rally 2.0 [SLUS-01222] Playstation 3.9/5.0 18886
Doom [SLUS-00077] Playstation 3.4/5.0 18427
Bomberman World [SLUS-00680] Playstation 3.8/5.0 18381
Grand Theft Auto - Mission Pack 1 - London 1969 [SLUS-00846] Playstation 3.8/5.0 18337
Final Fantasy VIII _(Disc_3)_[SLES-22080] Playstation 4.2/5.0 18117
Street Fighter Ex Plus Alpha [SLUS-00548] Playstation 3.9/5.0 18109
Disney's The Lion King II - Simba's Mighty Adventure [SLUS-01282] Playstation 3.8/5.0 18106
Alien Resurrection [SLUS-00633] Playstation 3.9/5.0 18063
Batman Forever - The Arcade Game [SLUS-00387] Playstation 3.8/5.0 18056
Metal_Gear_Solid_[disc2of2][SLUS-00776] Playstation 4.1/5.0 17934
Medievil [SCUS-94227] Playstation 4.2/5.0 17841
Metal_Gear_Solid_[disc1of2][SLUS-00594] Playstation 3.5/5.0 17741
3D Baseball [SLUS-00066] Playstation 3.5/5.0 17511
Spyro The Dragon 2 Ripto S Rage [SCUS-94425] Playstation 4.0/5.0 16660
Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock CD2 [SLUS-00756] Playstation 3.6/5.0 16590
Chrono Cross [Disc1of2] [SLUS-01041] Playstation 3.8/5.0 16527
Final Fantasy IX _(Disc_3)_[SLES-22965] Playstation 4.1/5.0 16510
Final Fantasy Chronicles - Chrono Trigger [SLUS-01363] Playstation 3.9/5.0 16260
Medal Of Honor Underground [SLUS-01270] Playstation 3.8/5.0 15800
Pac Man World 20TH Anniversary [SLUS-00439] Playstation 3.9/5.0 15615
Final Fantasy VIII _(Disc_4)_[SLES-32080] Playstation 4.0/5.0 15417
Final Fantasy IX _(Disc_4)_[SLES-32965] Playstation 4.1/5.0 15325
Final Fantasy VII [Disc2of3] [SCUS-94164] Playstation 3.7/5.0 15272
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Have you already heard about the word Play Station? Maybe what comes to your mind when you get to listen to the word is that it is somewhat a world full of games as based on its term. Well apparently, you are somehow correct as play station is actually consisting of various video games made especially for gamers like you, whether you are a pro or not.

Game consoles are actually those who would try to help you out with your desire to play games especially nowadays that you tend to get bored with your lifestyle. Usually, what would let you play games is during your boredom or exhaustion due to a lot of workloads you get from either your class in the school or your work in your office. If you are to look now for the best game console which would perfectly fit with your taste and preference, Play Station got it all for you!

For your information, Play Station is actually a game console which is originated in Japan. It is abbreviated as PS, which has its function to provide you with a video gaming brand that includes four home video consoles. These game consoles within this game console itself also encompasses a media center which would be best for you to create various types of media; an online service that lets you connect to an internet or network provider; a line of controllers which would aid you on your queries; two handhelds and a phone which would make yourself comfortable and; numerous magazines which would keep you entertained than usual. Sony Interactive Entertainment was the brand that manufactured and released this Play Station in Japan in the year 1994 of December. It had also begun its release worldwide right after the year of its primary release, which would definitely show that it was indeed a success.