Sega Genesis (SMD) Roms

Name Console Rating Total Downloads
Golden Axe (JU) (REV 00) Sega Genesis 4.2/5.0 23783
Tiny Toon Adventures - Buster's Hidden Treasure Sega Genesis 4.1/5.0 23637
Castlevania - Bloodlines Sega Genesis 4.1/5.0 23550
Sonic Spinball Sega Genesis 4.2/5.0 22226
Altered Beast (JU) (REV 01) Sega Genesis 4.1/5.0 21253
Zombies Ate My Neighbors [b1] Sega Genesis 4.4/5.0 21205
Golden Axe II (JUE) Sega Genesis 4.3/5.0 20310
Sonic And Knuckles (JUE) Sega Genesis 4.6/5.0 19948
Mega Man - The Wily Wars Sega Genesis 3.7/5.0 19944
Rambo III (JUE) (REV 00) Sega Genesis 3.9/5.0 19613
Sonic And Knuckles & Sonic 2 (JUE) Sega Genesis 3.9/5.0 18557
Story Of Thor, The - A Successor Of The Light (8) (Eng) Sega Genesis 4.2/5.0 17847
Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck (JUE) (REV 01) Sega Genesis 4.2/5.0 17828
Toy Story (8) Sega Genesis 3.7/5.0 17627
Shining Force II Sega Genesis 4.2/5.0 17379
Road Rash II (UEJ) Sega Genesis 4.3/5.0 17360
Comix Zone (1) Sega Genesis 4.3/5.0 17307
Sonic 1 Gaslight Sega Genesis 4.1/5.0 17291
Mortal Combat 5 (Unl) [c] Sega Genesis 3.6/5.0 17147
Spider-Man And Venom - Maximum Carnage (JUE) Sega Genesis 4.3/5.0 17056
Sunset Riders Sega Genesis 3.9/5.0 16815
Wonder Boy In Monster World Sega Genesis 4.1/5.0 16513
Vectorman Sega Genesis 4.3/5.0 16467
Mortal Kombat 3 (4) Sega Genesis 3.8/5.0 16103
Batman Sega Genesis 4.0/5.0 16065
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smd ROMs

In 1988, SEGA Games Co., Ltd., a multinational videogame developer, originated from Japan that has foreign branches in America, and Europe created The Sega Genesis that was initially released in Japan. It was the third console issued by Sega that operates in a 16-bit game board. Sega Genesis has distinct terms per country such as Mega Drive in Japan, and Super Aladdin Boy in South Korea.

The Sega Genesis uses a Motorola 68000 operating in 7.6MHz and Zilog 800 running in 3.58MHz as the console's central processing unit. The console also utilizes a ROM Cartridge as its media that functions as the device's memory card that stores data such as the game's development and the player's scores. Sega Genesis' Display interface has 256x224 NTSC, 256x240 PAL pixels, 512 color palettes with 61 colors on-screen. Sega Genesis is equipped with a Yamaha YM2612 or OPN2, a sound chip manufactured by Yamaha and a Texas Instruments SN76489 that is responsible for the Genesis sound generator. This design of Sega Genesis was directed by Hideki Sato and Masami Ishikawa from the R&D Team.

Back in 1988, The Sega Genesis launched in Japan was dominated by Nintendo's Super Family Computer. However, it did great in North America, Europe, and Brazil. The game that caused Genesis' popularity is their Sonic the Hedgehog series that's been franchise by most youth market and sports distributorships, noting the game as a youth-friendly console.

In 1991, Nintendo's Super Family Computer became a tough opponent for Sega Genesis in the United States and Europe console market, this results in Sega creating video games that involve brutalities such as Night Trap and Mortal Kombat.

There is an entirety of 30.75 Million units of Genesis marketed worldwide before it was terminated in 1997. From the year 1992 to present, third-party Genesis continued being traded at AtGames in North America and Europe.