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For all the action-role-playing video game, here present a main video game created and published by Square named Secret Of Mana. The particular game related to series of Mana and present for all major gaming platforms such as Super, NES, Play Station 4 and many others too.
Secret Of Mana was first released on August 6, 1993 and contains two playing modes. The first one is single-player mode and another one is multiplayer mode. The multiplayer is more exciting that single-player mode ass in it; players simply play the game with their friends.
Gameplay of Secret Of Mana
The gameplay of Secret Of Mana is like all other action role-playing video games. The game is based on a top-down perspective in which gamers need to control various creatures and pass levels to go ahead. In the particular game, there are almost 3 main characters present. The first one is the Hero, another is the Girl, and the Sprite as well.
Players are free to choose any character among these three and then go ahead for playing. They have to make proper control on their character and then pass more and more levels by passing different type of creatures. Also, there are the characters are equipped with the weapons which they use to kill the creatures and the move ahead into the same level.
The entire game is filled with plenty of classic features. Players need to understand them before playing and then go ahead for making quick progress.
• The game features full HD graphics with good sound system.
• It contains plenty of stunning levels and all are having bosses in them which gamers need to defeat.
• Players are provided with different playable and non-playable characters.
So, likewise these features there are many others present. Every new player should know them and then go for playing to handle everything easier than before.