Simpsons ROM

MAME 037b11 ROMs
2.3MB / ISO
Are you a Simpsons Fan? If yes, then you must love the game called Simpsons, which is a fantastic action platformer video game based on the animated TV series called The Simpsons. Basically, you are able to control the Simpson family and each of them comes with amazing abilities as well. As it is an action platform game, so you can easily play it either on single-player or co-operative multiplayer mode.
There are two different family members that are playable in each level. The Land Of Chocolate, in which only Homer is really playable and the final level which is the “game over”, you must like it where entire member of the gamily are playable. There are basically, 16 levels in the game that called episodes and each of them need specific power to complete. Here you can learn more about the game.
There are various kinds of challenges are made available after entire episodes that are completed. Make sure, these include searching entire collectible for each character. You can easily search for all the video game clichés. You will find the head-up display features health-meter for each character in each level and attack meter along with special power.
Playable characters!
The first playable character is Homer that available in the Land Of Chocolate level. If we talk his abilities then he can involve turning into the Homer ball by just eating the food power-up to let him in the roll and easily slam the objects.
Lisa is a character that comes in the fourth level and she can easily kick and his power is to use to flick and smash the enemies. Marge is the least playable character, so you will find it into the 5th level and Marge learn her power to make the large crowds obey her.