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tekken advance
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Tekken Advance is an ultimate game which is available in Play Station and Pc too. Tekken have released so many great versions, and every year they come with new version game which gets better than the previous version and the response of game is also great. Tekken is a fighting game, and full of action, but there is a storyline also in the game that represents many players in it.
There are several characters available in the game, and every player has a unique kind of power and strength and now its upto you that what kind of player that you prefer to play.
Learn to play Tekken Advance
As I mentioned that it’s full of fighting and action and in order to win the battles, the main thing that you have to is learning the controls and also learns every player moves.
• At the beginning of the game, no player is advanced and expert and it can only happen if you play and learn every move perfectly. While playing Tekken Advance, the main thing that you need is to put proper focus on the character that you are playing.
• The best thing in the game that you can do is to play arcade mode and try with a new player, and it will make you an expert and experienced player.
• Every player in Tekken Advance is unique, but you can judge a player on the basis of punches and kicks because they also perform close action that deals great damage too.
It is true that there are some players who use weapons and game but apart from these characters in the game, there are some deadly players in the game. These can make you learn the game faster and also can teach you to fight better in every condition.