tomb raider - legend

Tomb Raider - Legend ROM

tomb raider - legend
NDS Emulator
51.0MB / ISO
If you are in search of a well-developed action-adventure video game then you should try 0652 - Tomb Raider – Legend Game at least once. The game includes certain levels and all are set in different locations where the player’s can perform and enjoy every aspect, respectively.
However, the player’s hero has prominent goal in the 0652 - Tomb Raider – Legend Game is to levels up as many as possible by putting his hard efforts on different moves. By doing this, the player’s hero will be able to get some awesome items as a reward.
Basics to Know!
• In 0652 - Tomb Raider – Legend Game, the player controls Lara Croft and prepare with their own way so that he can jump over obstacles, climb the walls, pick up any In-Game Item and make best use of his powers at the right time and perfect place as well.
• The 0652 - Tomb Raider – Legend Game consists of total eight levels that are set across seven locations around the world where the player’s hero (Lara) can take part and well-perform by using his own powers and special moves.
• The primary focus of player’s hero in the 0652 - Tomb Raider – Legend Game is to more and more levels up by destroying the entire obstacles and defeat the target opponents who get in the way throughout the period.
• In some levels, the player’s hero can use the motorbike and compete with other mates by using super-techniques and special moves. Every time the player’s hero level up then he will be able to grab premium items as a reward and move onto the next ones through the course of the 0652 - Tomb Raider – Legend Game.
The Final Words!
Each and every player must learn the basics of 0652 - Tomb Raider – Legend Game as given-above so that they will be able to simply go ahead throughout the period.