twisted metal 3 [scus-94249]

Twisted Metal 3 [SCUS-94249] ROM

twisted metal 3 [scus-94249]
PSX Emulator
For all those gamers who are searching for the best vehicular combat video game should know that the best game under the same category is Twisted Metal 3 [SCUS-94249]. It is launched or published by the popular platform called 989 Studios. The game relates to the series of Twisted Metal and available only for the PlayStation.
The particular video game was first released on 31 October, 1998 and contain both single-player and multiplayer mode. In single mode gamers have to complete the game like arcade mode and in other they can simply play it by challenging their friend.
What’s inside Twisted Metal 3 [SCUS-94249]?
The game contains a classic gameplay in which gamers need to control one out of 12 vehicles. While controlling the vehicle they can use acceleration, brakes, use the turbo, reverse it, and use the weapons and many more features which they can apply.
It contains two playing modes and in first one that is single-player mode, gamers have are provided with tournament or deathmatch mode. On the other side, in multiplayer mode they can simply compete with their friends by challenging them to get positive results.
Main goals of the players
Well, the main goals of the players are to accomplish all the levels in tournament or deathmatch mode to make progress in Twisted Metal 3 [SCUS-94249]. There are various hurdles come into their path when they play any level, so they have to complete them properly to make further progress.
The deathmatch mode is more interesting as in it; gamers have to play one-to four players. They have to perform fight with the gamers head to head as to defeat them and move ahead. It’s the best way for the gamers to make a deal with as to enjoy playing Twisted Metal 3 [SCUS-94249].