worms - armageddon

Worms - Armageddon ROM

worms - armageddon
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Worms – Armageddon is a 2D artillery turn-based tactics video game. Whether you are a newbie or experience player in the game, everyone needs to follow the instructions of gameplay in order to know the whole concept regarding playable characters, varieties of weapons, attacking moves and so on.
If we talk in simple words that every individual has only objective in the game is to defeat opposing team members by killing their worms as much as possible. By doing this, one can easily grab some exclusive rewards and bonuses as per their performance.
Top-Rated Features!
Before going to take part in any task, every player must understand the gaming features in the early stages. Without any delay in time, let’s have looked the best features.
Worms – Armageddon Game has turn-based with each team moving in sequence which is determined randomly, across two-dimensional terrain. One thing you should keep in mind that one team can only move a single worm (unless an item that allows the team to select their worm).
Each worm begin the round with particular amount of health and every gamer should keep focus on them every time. More importantly, one should always avoid their characters by enemies dangerous attacks otherwise it completely affect their health and reduce the chances of surviving over the course.
There are varieties of weapons present in Worms – Armageddon Game and each has different damage power and controls that you need you need to know before choose from. Make sure choose the high-damage ones in order to deal with plenty of opponents in one time.
Gamers can team up with their loved character by choosing the multi-mode from the main-menu. By doing this, one can easily kill plenty of enemies due to the better combination and team spirit between them.